Adventure Off to a Sputtering Start

Sort of, anyway.

Thanks to falling ill the very day after making the decision to bicycle for transport, and thanks to some super-time-sensitive errands in a row, and thanks to not being able to figure out how to ride to the dog park without the dog jumping out of the bike trailer, I haven't been able to fully do this yet.  But on the bright side, I am mostly recovered now and have been taking out the bike probably 75% more than I would have before last week.  So we're getting somewhere! 

A log for posterity and accountability:

Thursday rode to a meeting 1/2 mile away.

Saturday the three big kids were gone and we rode to church and back and then tried to go on a bike ride but only made it 2 miles before I realized that I wasn't quite recovered enough to force it any further.

Monday (today) rode to church with all the kids and plan to do the same the rest of the week.   We were running late (surprise!) so I decided not to switch hitches for the bike trailer and just take Conrad's bike.  Which was a mistake because I can't even sit on the seat while standing straight up on the pedals.  Needless to say, my hamstrings got one heckuva workout today.

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  1. So how is this going? A month later, are you guys sticking with it?